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Don Broco Poster

Another one of my photos that I shot with the guys from Don Broco were used on a flyer. The quality of this one is a bit washed out but it's the best one I got sent. Amazing guys, check them out.

Zodiac N Black Promo Shoot

12 March 2011 - I worked with a bunch of guys in a band called Zodiac N Black on some new promo images to support their EP release. The guys were really nice and great to work with. We found a bunch of very cool locations to shoot within…

The Heist Band Portraits

28 February 2011 - Recently I photographed with the guys from The Heist for their new promo images. We met up super late on a Sunday evening around Tower Bridge on a cold and rainy English night and worked our way around 2 locations that…
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Don Broco full page in Rocksound

The boys from Don Broco have a full page feature in the current issue of Rocksound along with my photograph which came out really cool. I loved working with these guys and know that their journey is kick-starting properly so make sure to check…
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Don Broco Tour Flyer

Not too long ago I shot a bunch of portraits with the guys from Don Broco for them to use on their upcoming press runs and it was a proper laugh working with the guys. They are super fun. They just announced their headline tour for next year…

Photo shoot with Delica Black

I worked with the guys from Delica Black and shot some new promo photos for them in and around Crystal Palace Park. The weather seemed really crappy when we first arrived and I thought we would be spending the time shooting in the rain but…

Isle of Wight Photoshoot with Adelphia of Kings

Ashley Hoy and Guy Brackenbury of the band The Glass Empire have made a few line up changes and started a fresh as a new band called Adelphia of Kings and the change definitely seems for the positive. I worked with Ashley and Guy a few times…

London Band Photography

For those of you that don't know, I have a blog dedicated solely to the work I do with Musicians / Bands / Artists. Although I shoot around the world, most of them started since I moved to the UK at the beginning of this year and that is why…