Anti-Flag at Electric Ballroom

04 July 2013 - I've photographed Anti-Flag live quite a few times before and every time I am reminded why I like them so much. Tonight they played my favourite show of theirs and the sound in the venue was spot on. They sounded huge. I…

Anti Flag at Slam Dunk South

29 May 2011 - Today was the second time that I had seen and shot Anti-Flag except last time they were playing Clash covers (one of my favourite shows). Unfortunately the guys had loads of power (electricity) issues during their set which…

Anti-Flag Rock the Casbah

15 October 2009 - Tonight a lucky few of us were treated to something really special thanks to the guys from Anti-Flag as they rocked the sounds of the legendary band, The Clash. I need to immediately say that these photos are not an example…