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New Criminal Damage Tearsheets

I work with Criminal Damage quite a lot and it's always a good time. I just got sent a few things of where the photo's were used so thought I would post them on here. Featured in these two images are the very cool peeps being Elwood, Lora…

The Sirens at Brixton Academy

19 March 2010 - My buddy Lora is a part of the rock based dance troupe known collectively as The Sirens and they were the opening act tonight at Brixton Academy which seems really brave on their part considering the main act's outlook on ladies.…

Criminal Damage Catalogue Shoot

03 January 2010 - This is my first post for 2010 and it is one that I have been meaning to get up for some time now but it's really hard catching up some times and I have a good amount of backlog to get through but I am making a good attempt…