The Blackout Final Show

28 March 2015 - Tonight I photographed The Blackout playing their final show and they decided to do this in their hometown down in Merthyr Tydfil. I could go on and on about how much I love these guys and how much it sucks that they're…

The Blackout Farewell at Koko

24 March 2015 - My friends in The Blackout have decided to call it a day and tonight they played Koko, as part of their farewell tour, so I documented it for them. I bloody love these guys and they're some of the nicest people I've met…

The Blackout at Scala

13 November 2014 - Tonight I photographed my friends in The Blackout playing at Scala as the last night of their Wolves Tour. These guys are one of my favourite bunch of people to work and hang out with so it's always a pleasure to document…

The Blackout at Islington Academy

17 - 18 January 2014 - The last 2 nights I joined the guys from The Blackout for their shows at Islington Academy. Both nights were really different, with one being a play-through of "The Best In Town" along with a few other tracks, but…
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The Blackout - Final Party Tour (Take 2)

My friends in The Blackout had to, unfortunately, reschedule their recent tour but have just announced the new dates and it's definitely going to be a good party. The photo on the poster is made up of some individual portraits I shot with the…
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TBO - Take Away The Misery Video

My friends in The Blackout just released a video for their track "Take Away The Misery" and it's a collection of footage from time on the road, shows, rehearsals and general stupidity. They asked me to help them document some stuff for them…

The Blackout Portraits

06 February 2013 - I was really lucky to have worked so closely with The Blackout on their recent album artwork and release campaign. Start The Party came out towards the end of January but we started working on imagery for it in August…

The Blackout at Electric Ballroom

2013 January 25 - I've been working with the guys in The Blackout quite a bit lately with the release of Start The Party so it was amazing seeing them play a bunch of tracks off of that album tonight and shoot some photos. I've always made…

The Blackout Promo Shoot

04 October 2012 - I've been working with the guys from The Blackout quite a bit over the last few months shooting photos to accommodate their next album release "Start The Party". I've always love their recorded material and their live…
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The Blackout in Loaded

This months issue of Loaded magazine contains a 5-page feature which I photographed with The Blackout and Matthew Pritchard down in Ibiza.
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The Blackout Album Artwork

The Blackout have just released their first single off their upcoming album along with the artwork for it which I photographed together with the guys and Matthew Pritchard, of Dirty Sanchez, down in Ibiza. It's a HUGE album and I cannot wait…
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The Blackout Tour Posters

My friends in The Blackout have a new album coming out at the start of next year and I've been working hard with them on the new campaign which is slowly rolling out. They have just announce a Pre-Party Tour and their Start The Party Tour, both…