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Most times more than others

Working as a freelance photographer is one of the hardest things in the world and at times (a lot of the times) it really isn’t a 10th as glamourous as people may think. My hours are completely mental and I carry super heavy gear completely smashing my body … but … in saying that, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve worked on a lot of amazing projects over the years and seen a lot of really beautiful stuff while meeting a lot of great people.

This morning I shot this and it pretty much sums up those great days … which are more often than others.

Thanks again for all the support I’ve been given from everyone who I’ve met along the way on this super cool journey.

PS. Don’t forget to stop every now and then to just take a look around and absorb what’s going on …


Photo shoot with We Are The Ocean in Studio

I’ve worked with the guys from We Are The Ocean a few times and it’s always been a pleasure. This time the guys got me in to join them for a few days in studio while they recorded some new material and I photographed some behind the scenes (fly on the wall) shots of their time working as well as a few portrait shots that they would use to promote the new tracks.

The video above is just a quick edit of some footage during our time together including some swimming and bridge jumping into the Thames River.

The new stuff is amazing and definitely worth checking out so make sure to give the boys a good listen to.

You can also see some of the actual photos from the studio on and then some of the portraits on

Photoshoot with Zebra and Giraffe Video Blog

I had a photo shoot with Zebra and Giraffe at the end of November last year and it’s been a really crazy busy time since then but their guitarist, Alan Shenton filmed and edited a short video of our time together on his iPhone 3GS.

This is the video. Hope you are all well. Marcus

Shooting Zebra and Giraffe

I had a really good photo shoot with the band Zebra and Giraffe during December in South Africa and as always it was a pleasure working with them. We shot at a dam during mid day so the sun was as strong as it could be so thank goodness for sun glasses and Profoto-7b kits to fill in.

I was assisted by my buddy Ravi Panchia who’s work is definitely worth checking out and my dad came and joined in to take some behind the scene shots (“Thanks dad”) so I thought I would get a few of these up as well as a photo or two from the shoot. You can see more of these on my music photography blog.

Young Guns on Front Army

Haha, I just saw this video interview of The Young Guns that was done by Front Magazine on the day that I photographed them and you can see a little bit of the shoot taking place with me hard at work. It’s quite weird to see myself working because I never have. This was a really fun shoot to work on and I really enjoyed working with these guys and look forward to shooting with them more again in the future.