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The New Lundbergs

This passed weekend I flew down to Cape Town to shoot a wedding at the 12 Apostles Hotel. The wedding was really awesome and although the weather seemed super rubbish the whole day, we were lucky to be given a bit of sun just after the service…

Cape Town at night

I forgot I shot this photograph when I was last in Cape Town and saw it now and really liked it. I remember how nervous I was parking on the bridge at night and shooting so I never stayed long. I really wish it was safer here to try this out…

Signal Hill

For some reason the weather in Cape Town is always amazing when I am there. Friday was another day like that so we drove up to the top of Signal Hill just to enjoy the view and I shot these two photographs of a tree with some guinea fowl running…

Cloudy Sunset in Lakeside

I shot these photographs during another shoot. I have this thing for sunsets and even more for clouds so I had to try and capture some of what was going on.

Kalk Bay Door

I was down in Cape Town for business with my friend Alan on thursday and we did a bit of driving around and shooting in between call times. There was this old looking door that I noticed but it was really hard to shoot because of a million cars…

Till next time CT

I was in Cape Town again for the whole of last week and had an amazing time. My flight out was at 630am in the morning on sunday and I had to work until 430am the night before so basically packed my bags and got a lift straight to the airport.…

It Looks Like a Bay

Ok, so I never really shoot "happy snaps" but this passed weekend when I was down in Cape Town, I couldn't resist. I stayed with my friends, Waynand and Maz, and had the best time. They took me to do the tourist thing and we explored a lot of…
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Cape Town

I went down to the West Coast for my birthday in 2005 and on my way to the airport, at something mad like 6am, I passed Blouberg Strand and saw this scene. It was awesome and really one of the nicest things I have ever seen. Only problem is…

Cape Town All Blue

On my first day in Cape Town, the sunset was amazing. I really wanted to shoot some good shots but locked my tripods in my travel bag and couldn't get them out so that idea was scrapped. Anyway, I made a plan and shot a few shots of the blue…