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My top travel destinations

I'm extremely lucky because I get to travel a lot for my work but also have the flexibility, by being freelance, to get to take time out to travel in my own time. Travel is without doubt my favourite thing and I find that I'm constantly…

NYC … I really do!

I saw this art by Banksy and I agree ... I love New York. I really do!

New York … I’m Walking Here

Earlier last year I got to travel, with my girl, to New York City for the first time and had my mind blown so we decided to go back for Christmas which was an amazing idea.I travel quite a lot and really enjoy experiencing other cities but…
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Red-Tailed Hawk of New York City

Central Park is incredible and I love spending as much time there as I can when I am over in New York. On my last day of a my recent trip my wife saw a black squirrel (never seen one before) sprinting across the park and making it to safety…
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HTC One NYC Panoramics

I've just got back from another bunch of amazing days in New York City (absolute favourite city) and have quite a few photographs to sort through but thought I would post up these 2 panoramics that I took with my HTC One. I never really remember…

New York New York

I've dreamt of visiting New York City ever since I saw the movies "BIG" and "Home Alone 2" when I was much MUCH younger. This dream grew more and more over the years after seeing too many movies and television series based in the amazing city.I…