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George Scholey for Red Bull Rubiks Cube World Cup photographed by Marcus Maschwitz

Red Bull Rubiks Cube World Cup

This week was the finals for the Red Bull Rubiks Cube World Cup and I was commissioned to document the event from the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London. Earlier in the week I photographed portraits of 3 of the finalists (George Scholey, Adam…
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Red Bull / Nitro Jacket

Today I got an early Christmas present sent over by the team at Red Bull. I have done quite a bit of work for them over the years and they're one of my favourite clients to work with so getting something like this is really special. The…
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Martin Klein meets Isaac McHale

I was recently commissioned by Red Bull to photograph some images of Chef Martin Klein visiting Chef Isaac McHale. Martin Klein is the Executive Chef for the Ikarus restaurant, at Hangar-7 in Salzburg, and each month they hve a guest chef…
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Portraits of Drake McElroy

Last year in Madrid, while out for the Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid, I photographed a few portraits of Drake McElroy.Drake is super nice and this was a great pleasure for me because I got really into dirt-bikes back in the day when I saw…