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Snow times in Tirol

I just got back from shooting some stuff in Austria and took a few days off to join some friends in the Tirolean mountains for a few days of snowboarding and over-eating. These are just a few photos from my Instagram that I took during the time…

Bear in Morden Hall Park

My buddy, Brendan, made a bear costume for a personal project we are working on and I thought it would be a good idea to take it out of storage when it snowed a few weeks ago. We headed to Morden Hall Park SUPER early in the morning to play…

Love London snow

It started snowing in London last night and I forgot how much I love it. The city looks so beautiful. Can't wait to hit the Austrian Alps next week for some snowboarding.
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Snowboarding in London

We decided to continue enjoying the snow on thursday night after a good previous night and headed out with our snowboards and some lights and set up our own little session near Croydon after midnight and even ended up building a small jump which…

3:41am in the snow

It snowed quite a bit this week and the first night that it started my friend, Jude, and I went on a late night "fool-around" that started at 1am and saw us skateboarding (without trucks and wheels) down snow covered stairs, throwing snowballs…

Snow Pano

I just took a walk down to the park by our house to photograph a panoramic. The snow is still belting down a lot so I will go shoot more a bit later when the snow is thicker. I love the snow.This photograph is about 270 degrees composed of…

Our Car in Snow

We bought ourselves a car this week and it's really cool. It's a black Ford Focus and I shot this photograph of it now in the drive way while it is snowing. It's the middle of the night and the sky is so bright and yellow and I shot this freehand…

Snow in JHB

Sure everyone knows that snow fell in Johannesburg yesterday morning. I really never got much sleep the night before so when my mom woke me up to shoot photo's, I was not the happiest man alive and didn't really care much for this. Although…