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New Volume Debut Show Poster

The guys in New Volume play there debut show tomorrow, at The Garage, in London and they’ve used one of the promo shots I took for the poster artwork.

New Volume - Debut Poster

BBC Britain official Britian Insider

I am really excited to announce that from today, for about 6 weeks, I have been commissioned by the BBC to help launch their new website BBC Britain.

I’ll be working on this together with the talented @clerkenwellboyec1 (food), @londonlivingdoll (art & design) and @susiebubble (fashion) … with the aim of showcasing some of the extraordinary things that make Britain the cool, multicultural, complex and contemporary country that it is right now.

Make sure to follow @bbcbritain or the following hashtag (#britaininsider) to keep up in the know with this programme.

bbc britain meet your insiders

Jack Daniel’s Hero Serve Campaign

Over the past few months I’ve been working with Jack Daniel’s on the Hero Serve Campaign. It’s always a dream for any artist to work a project that inflames belief and inspires creativity. It doesn’t happen for everyone but I am one of the few lucky bastards in the world who has had the opportunity to work a dream-job with a brand that has influenced me to some of my favourite work; work that I am insanely proud of in both a personal and professional capacity.

The team over at Splendid Communications came up with a vision for the initiative and I’ve had an awesome time grafting to make that vision happen, in a way that has successfully merged my own signature style with the already established Jack Daniel’s voice.

After lots of love and labour the Hero Serve Campaign has finally hit the streets, featuring a series of images of the band CuT rehearsing at The Underworld in Camden Town. I shot the stills with little preconception; nothing was posed or staged and we opted for a documentary style approach in order to capture an AUTHENTIC experience. The images have been used to create a selection of point-of-sale posters, coasters and bar menus across the country but have also been picked up for use worldwide.

I feel incredibly honoured to have been trusted by a brand with such a strong music heritage – supporting rock and musicians for the longest time; it’s something I’ve supported and admired, and am now glad to be a small part of.

Check out the picture below: it’s a poster making use of the lead image from the campaign – I’m stoked that the pictures are out for people to get a load of. WATCH THIS SPACE…there’s more where that came from.

“Play with heart. Drink with care.”


New Volume – One Touch music video

I’ve been working a lot lately with a band called New Volume, that have recently signed with Sumerian Records, and they have just released their debut single and the music video to go with it.

I directed the music video and shot it together with Ryan Prout (performance scenes) and Brendan Monteiro (make-out scenes). It involved a LOT of planning and working really long hours overnight to create sets and shoot everything on schedule but, together with the band, we all pulled our weight, drank loads of Red Bulls and made it happen.

All performance footage was shot at Belt Craft Studios on a Sony FS700 and the make-out footage was shot at a warehouse in Wembley, where we created the bedroom scene from scratch. I originally cast a different solo model for this video but we ended up going with the two models (Sarah Jackaman and Jesse Burgess) and they were both really professional ensuring that an awkward shoot wasn’t awkward at all.

The video was edited by Steven Contreras but I will be releasing a Directors Cut in the next month or so (when I’ve finished it) that will feature the original model (and edit sequence) as I imagined the video to be.

Absolute pleasure working with the guys on this and hoping it is just the start of many for us together.

I shot a great bunch of behind-the-scenes stills that I will be posting up soon to better show what the sets looked like and the work process involved

Vagabond Flag – Notes album artwork

“Notes” by Vagabond Flag is released today and I photographed the album artwork which I am extremely proud of.

This is the cover …


Band Of King / Filthys Flyer

I’ve worked with Andrew King (Band Of King) a few times and it’s always a pleasure because he has such a great positive energy which spreads with everyone in the room. We shot some amazing stuff together and he just sent me this poster for a show that he is doing on Boxing Day at Filthy’s … I like it.


Don Broco – Money Power Fame BTS

I shot a BTS video of the Don Broco boys making the music video for Money Power Fame down in Manchester. This is it …

Kerrang! BTS with Don Broco

I’ve been working with the boys in Don Broco quite a lot lately and they’re some of the funnest people I’ve ever had the chance of spending time with but they’re also extremely serious / passionate about what they do.

They recently shot the music video for their next single (Money Power Fame), down in Manchester, and I photographed some behind-the-scenes stuff of them for Kerrang! Magazine.

These are my favourites of the images that they published …





If you want to see the rest of the gallery you can do so HERE.

BTS with Young Guns making I Want Out

My friends in Young Guns recently released their music video for I Want Out and I joined them on the day to document the making of it.

Here is the video I made.

JD Wrap with CuT

Last week I had another shoot with the guys from CuT, for an up-coming Jack Daniel’s campaign that I’ve been working on, so we decided to take a wrap photo before packing up. A great bunch of guys definitely worth checking out.