Another Sad Day

6 weeks ago my uncle Robert was rushed in to theatre with pains in his body. I am not the most technical guy but his main artery was about to burst so it wasn’t looking good. They operated on him immediately and fixed the problem but it was already too late and he spent the next 6 weeks in ICU fighting for his life. Our whole family spent last night in the hospital praying for him and just really loving him and being there for him. Sadly, he left us this morning at around 1:30am. It really is terrible and SO sad to lose anyone especially family but I think of seeing him last night and of how tired he looked and how much he had been trying and I feel almost relieved that he isn’t going through that anymore. It sucks and he is already missed.

The photograph I have posted was 2 months ago and it is of my uncle Robert (front) and my dad (back) riding quad bikes in a forest. I am so glad that we got to share many memories like this together but it is sad to know that we won’t ever be doing this again. Life is so strange and it can leave you in seconds. I won’t ever understand why or how someone can be here today and then not here tomorrow but I do know that I cannot control or change that. It makes me realize that life is way to short for stupid grudges and dumb little issues and that we should really live our lives. Make plans to see your friends and family, tomorrow might be too late.

Goodbye uncle Robert. You were a husband, a father, a brother, a son, an uncle and a friend and I am so sad to see you go and I know you are missed so much already. Please, if you’re reading this blog, think of my aunty Barbara and all of our family and friends. They need all the love and support they can get.

Gerhard Maschwitz and Robert Maschwitz riding quad bikes at Maraisburg mine dumps in 2008 photographed by Marcus Maschwitz

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  1. Keli Jones
    Keli Jones says:

    So so sorry to hear about your Uncle, Its been a rough year for you already, :( your all in our thoughts, please give mine and niks love to your family x x x miss u guys always
    k xxx

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    Dude, i’ve told you a couple times today already, but once again, really sorry about your Uncle. Death blows man! Nothing anyone can really say, we just gotta grieve and move on.. You know i’m here for you if you need anything! xxx The Boss

  3. Kali
    Kali says:

    Sorry for your loss. A sudden death can leave you spinning.

    I lost a 28 year old cousin a few years back and I was stunned.

    It just reminded me that you can’t say “someday”. If there is something you want to do or say, do it now. You may not get “someday”.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Byron
    Byron says:

    Hey my boy.

    So sorry about your loss. Things have been so hard for you already with Wayne, so this must be even harder for you now. But know that he is in a happier place and is suffering no more.

    Hold your head up and know that you always have my support and if you ever need anything that I am only a phone call away.

    Much love boy..

  5. Rudi Jeggle
    Rudi Jeggle says:

    Hey, that’s an awesome tribute to Uncle Robert and what a rad way to remember him! Riding bikes and having fun! Makes me think of him and how he was, you know, if he could see you now, he would be the kinda guy that would want you to be happy and remember those good times and smile! I never got to ride with him on his new bike but it does look awesome! It was his dream to get a bike that could keep up with us and he did that! We’ll have to do a tribute to Uncle Robert ride when I am back over there. Hope you guys are all doing good!


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