I shot photographs for about 2 years for Heat Magazine and during this time I worked quite a bit with Ashley Callie from Isidingo and she really was such a cool person. Every charity event that I attended that she was at, I remember her being one of the only important guests that were always there really trying to help. She was friendly and just a down to earth person. She passed away today after suffering from a bad car accident and that really is sad news. I get really sad when things like this happen to anyone I have ever encountered or come to know and this post is just to wish her family well and let them know that people are thinking of them. This photograph is really just a funny one that I shot 2 years ago that I always thought was funny.
Ashley Callie photographed by Marcus Maschwitz
Also, my friend Wayne is in ICU trying to recover from an armed robbery and I cannot stop wishing that there was something I could do to help this. If you’re reading this, please think of him and pray for him to get through this and become well soon, if that is what you do.

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  1. Pat
    Pat says:

    Hi Marcus

    Thank you for sharing some more of Ashley. It’s so wonderful to see more of her.

    If you have any photos that you would like to share on ashleycallie.co.za, please send them through.

    All the best

  2. Jacqueline
    Jacqueline says:

    What a loss, Ashley, a stunning lady, classy, we will miss her. I am so saddened by this horrific car accident, that could end the life a such a stunning talented person. My best to the Callie Family & Friends.

  3. Rosemary
    Rosemary says:

    Tomorrow is a new day: Sometimes we do not feel
    like we want to feel.Sometimes things that happen do not
    make sense…
    Sometimes life leads us into directions that are beyond
    our control.
    It is during these times that we need to remember that
    though things are difficult and hard now Tomorrow is a new day.

    My thoughts are with Ashley’s family and friends. It must be an honour to have known a person such as Ashley.


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