Back in London and Playing Processing Catch Up

I have just landed back in London after traveling through South Africa for a few days on tour. I worked on some really exciting projects while out there and met some really amazing people in bands that I think are going to explode. I have a few more shoots lined up for the next few days and about a month of processing back log so I am working my fingers to the bone now to try and get some of that out. As soon as I have finished up I have a lot of updating to finally finish off this site so please keep checking back for that.

I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind words and inspirational mails that I have been receiving. It is a super cool feeling when people that I have never met take time out of their busy lives to email me and tell me that they have been following my work and say nice things about what I have been shooting. I really appreciate this and it’s pushing me to keep growing as a photographer.

Christmas is coming up soon so I hope that all of you have a bit of a break and that you enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. Thanks for reading and be safe, Marcus


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