Clayton Petersen – KFD Skateboards

Just looking over your pictures now – you are so flipping good. Thank you so much for your time and the beautiful things you make with your fancy toys that even know how to swim in England, haha.

I want to learn how to do that.

Brendan Monteiro – Clink Music Magazine

Marcus I have been campaigning this sentiment since the first photograph I received from you, you are by far the most talented, creative and brilliant photographer in my opinion. I can honestly say that with every shot I am constantly amazed, you are an absolute guru behind the lens.

Kristopher Roe – The Ataris

Hey Marcus. Just checked out the photos. Man, they are seriously awesome. You are such a great photographer! Would be honored to have you shoot some more for us in the future. Would be my pleasure. Hope we can hang again soon. Had a great time.

Janine – Bloc Party

These shots are amazing Marcus. I am really glad you enjoyed it, great work. x

Andy Snape – The Young Guns

Hey Fella, thanks for the follow up. I got the photos all good in the end. They look incredible dude, so so good! The guys are really stoked on them as well, and they can be fussy, so that is amazing for sure!

Sure they’d love to work with you again in the future.

Marty Jackson – Just Me Again

Marcus! I would write a comment about how amazingly talented you are and how stunningly creative and amazing your pictures are, but its clear to see how much priceless time, effort and passion you invest in them by looking at them. You always insure you get the best possible results, and your photo’s are proof of that. You’re a great guy to be able to work with, you not only befriended us straight away, but you made it clear that you weren’t there to make some money out of us, you were there to help us in making our dream become reality, and I’m sure this is the same with every artist/company you work with. You sir, are a living legend.

Ross Stevenson – Wildcard


Credit to you my friend, you have done an amazing job! The pictures are far better than I’d hoped and I speak for all of us when I give you the biggest thank you for your hard work! They look incredible! I can’t wait until our myspace is re-designed and then we’ll have em on our page! Really hope we can work with you again buddy. We’ll get some shows sorted and contact you to hook up again. Honestly, great work! Money well spent.

Clare Maxwell – Spy Catcher (Management)

These look amazing! Thanks so much! We’ve put them on the myspace now!

I’m so excited to see the portrait shots – Thanks so much for everything!

Melissa Williams – Roadrunner Records


That looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick… so so stoked with how it’s turned out!

Nice, thanks for sending that through… all the best!

Imran Murtaza Siddiqi – Hope and State

Holy shit that’s phenomenal. I’m losing my mind over here … I want to see the rest sooo bad!

Really happy with that, so go right ahead and do whatever you need to do, we’re totally happy with what you’ve done!

Tac Aslam – Restaurant 141

Just looked at the pics, they are looking superb….. Well done mate….

Working with you was an absolute pleasure and the results speak for themselves.

Brett Schewitz – Sheer Sounds

Dude, the Paul E Flynn photos you shot are amazing, you are a genius. Paul is so stoked on them and we cannot wait to get them out into the media this week.

Excited to work with you more soon.

Elle – Native Souls

Just wanted to say thanks again for Sunday, we all had an ace time and I think it’s probably the first time we’ve been relaxed as a band in front of the camera. I got the photos you sent me and I can’t believe the results you got, it kind of looks like we’re in a studio! I don’t know how you did that but it’s fantastic.

Felicia Ruperti – Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary

Thank you so much for sending those pictures in, I’m used to getting a lot of out-of-focus crappy pics, but yours are gorgeous! Could you possibly send them to us in a larger format so that we can use them for marketing purposes? I particularly love the one of the squirrel monkey – they’re so fast and difficult to photograph!

We’ll be sure you give you credit for the pictures and let you know what they are used for! In this size, I can put them up on our website under the section with pictures taken by guests… It’s always great to be able to put really nice pics there, so thank you again for taking the time to send them in to us!

All the best for 2008 and sunny regards.

James Marshall – Goodnight Gravity

Hope all’s well and you’re keeping busy!

We’ve all sat down and gone through the photos and first thing to be said really is that we really loved them, particularly the outdoor shots- they’re so good! We love how you’ve processed that outdoor shot as well.

We are SO excited to work with you again.

Mike Shankelman – Xtaster

Pictures look absolutely great, loving them – exactly what I was after.

It’ll be great to work with you again

Tamara Dey – Flash Republic

Marcus… These photographs are SO hot. Wow, I am not sure what to say. We cannot wait to shoot more with you.

Ashley Hoy – The Glass Empire

Pics are fuckin amazing! I can’t wait to relaunch our myspace and get these up. WOW. We look amazing. Thank you so much. Excited to work with you soon again.

Natalie Pool – Cleo Magazine

Thank you so much for the photographs. They are super and look awesome in the article. It is on shelf now and I will make sure to send you a copy. Thanks again.

Esjay – Stealing Love Jones

These are the most incredible photo’s I have ever seen of us… you have captured all the energy of our Live show… I LOVE IT!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SKILL AND TIME!

Much Love.

Cherilyn Macneil – Harris Tweed

Hey boy… these are awesome!!! Thank you SO much for documenting our journey the way you do… you’re teh best! I love what you do and how you do it. We cannot wait to shoot with you again.

Bill Botes – Flag Management

Dude, the photo’s of Bloodline are perfect. I am busy with the album artwork and I’ll give you a copy of the CD when it’s done. We’ll make sure to credit you for your work. So good.

Nicole De Sousa – Soviet Jeans

I love the shots Marcus… the lighting and angles are amazing.

Vossie – Happy Handgrenade

Wow dude. The photos came out very cool. Can’t wait to see the rest…

Lee Ladouceur – The Little Ones

Man, these pictures of us are amazing. Thanks so much.

Brent Knopf – Menomena

I love your photos. Thank you so very much.

Your work is excellent and these photos will work perfectly.

All the best.

Jack Birch – Caxton Media

Today I went to Nick de Wit’s FMX park as part of an article I’m working on for our local Caxton paper. A few minutes ago, I googled Nick de Wit, and in the images section was a pic of him. I clicked on it, since it was an eye-catching photo, and it led me to your blog.

I was blown away. Seriously, I did not know it was possible to do these things with a camera. Having been a journalist for a little over a year now, I am totally shocked. A quick look at your pics (sunset at that lodge, the moon, 30 Seconds to Mars guy, even cosmos flowers) has shown me there is so much more to photography than point and shoot. I don’t know where to start learning, but I will.

So yeah, I guess I’m a fan now. Thanks buddy, keep shooting, for people like me.

Talita Mostert – Heat Magazine

Wow, those photo’s that you took at the airport of Zuraida and Josh are awesome. The quality looks like they were modelled in studio. Thanks so much for your hard work.

Byron Rode – Creative Foundation

Damn!!! Dude, these are really awesome!!!

Justine Campbell

Just want to say thank you so much for shooting photographs at our wedding. The photos that you took are phenomenal. You are absolutely the best. They are amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and allowing us to book you for our wedding.

Jaco Fourie – JD Photography

Well done. You have some super shots here. Love them.

Nkateko Ngwenya

I’m a budding photographer just started last year December, it inspires me to see a local photographer whipping some international butt….

I would like to congratulate you and wish you all the best of luck for the future.

Tanja Brnic

Hi there…..I’ve been admiring your work for a while now, so just thought I’d say wow….It’s really awesome!!!!…..I am an artist and am doing scenes of Jozi at the moment, I find your work inspirational and visualy stimulating!!!!…

Love the blog it’s really informative……keep up the excellent work!!!!

Fan …

Kelly Badenhorst

Love Love Love Love Love your work, for so long i have been looking for a South African photographer with your eye. You have some really wicked photos.

Andrew Davies

Love it. Your creativity amazes me. A true professional.

Brent Jennings

Marcus, this is a great photo. Certainly the best of what is actually a really super batch. You’ve got the lighting levels just right here, and have captured a focused, pensive moment with her expression. Nice camerawork.

This is another good one. Impressive series.

Leigh Tomkinson


Colette Keller

I had a look at your webiste and your stuff is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! I love the fact that your work is so modern and not overdone or over photoshopped so it just all looks real!!

Thanks for the info and keep up the gorgeous work, its stuff like yours that inspires me to want to learn more!


I was recently just checking out the Harris Tweed website and came across your blog.

Seriously your work is amazing. I am a graphic designer and you have inspired me to do great things.

I’m so crazy about your blog I’ve sent the address to everyone I know. I think JHB has alot more talented people in it than we are given credit for. Any way keep it up.

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