East London with Samsung

A few weeks ago I spent a Saturday morning walking around East London, with a group of good people, exploring some Urban Street Art and playing with the Samsung Galaxy S5 … which I had been sent for a few days.

I always enjoy exploring places and fiddling with new toys and this was a good opportunity to do both while having one of my first days off in a few months. I loved the tour and was again reminded how much I love this city.

I am currently using the HTC One (M8) so I’ve become really accustomed to the Android software which made using the S5 really easy. The camera on the S5 is without doubt a HUGE bunch better than the HTC’s and viewing the images on the screen were an absolute pleasure. The phone was flooded with photo and video features and even though this always sounds exciting, I cannot help but remember how easy it was to take a great photo on my old iPhones with very little effort.










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