Late Night Sunsets this Week

Ok, so I feel really bad that I haven’t updated this blog in a LONG while but things have just been really crazy here and I have spent all my spare time updating / upgrading my actual photography website as well as sorting out Myspace‘s and then trying to live and enjoy some time with my beautiful misses.

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten about this and I haven’t not been shooting, it’s just how it goes some times but now that I get closer to the final stages of personal website updating, I am making it a listed thing to make sure to spend time on here so look out for a bunch of catch up posts REAL soon as well as a bunch of new posts. I have put together a list of personal assignment shoots that I want to do in the next few months and these will obviously all go on here as I go along.

Other than that, I hope you are all well and that you will enjoy these two photographs that I shot while working in the last week. Both of them were taken around 21h00 / 21h30 during sunset. It’s so cool that the days last so long.

Keep well and thanks for all the mails supporting me while all these big changes go through. It’s an exciting time for me for sure and I am REALLY starting to push myself more than I ever have.

Thanks also for reading. Marcus



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