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Miss Dey and Her Red Glasses

I have been wanting to shoot photographs with my friend Tamara for ages but we both are always super busy. She is part of the band Flash Republic and yesterday we finally got it right. I am busy working on my portfolio so this was a good learning shoot for me. Tamara is awesome and really easy to work with. I have a LOT of photographs to go through but quickly threw these 4 together to see what they look like. I like them lots.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I love hearing back from everyone that looks at my stuff. It’s been ages since I posted properly so this is a start of plenty to come. I promise.

Hope you all well. Chat soon, M

Tamara Dey posing against a graffiti wall in Newtown photographed by marcus maschwitz

Tamara Dey in Johannesburg photographed by marcus maschwitz

singer tamara dey photographed by marcus maschwitz

tamara dey in newtown johannesburg photographed by marcus maschwitz

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  1. simon
    simon says:

    nice dude! they rock! still not sure how mine blew out on some of them like they did but still managed to get some decent ones too.. check mine out http://gotmilk.co.za/?p=146 (hahaha round n round we go)

    please kee me posted on more shoots, i need to get out more!

    and as for BH Photo order, soon man, real soon!! just waiting for the money to come in from the bike and then lets shop like women do!!

  2. Bicykiller
    Bicykiller says:

    Dude, you get to have way too much fun with with way to many inspiring people, ha. Good thing you have the skills to keep em coming, and if Tamara reads – you rocked in The Rocky Horror show.


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