Ok, everyone knew that this post was coming and I couldn’t resist. I used my D200 to shoot a photo of my new baby so ….. Please allow me this opportunity to introduce her. Isn’t she lovely. Hahaha

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  1. […] was my birthday this week and my misses got me the Diana F+ Lens Adaptor for my Baby along with the Diana+ 38mm Plastic Lens which is super cool because I have wanted the kit for […]

  2. […] justice of what the experience was like and I will be going back on that same route soon with my big camera to see if I can do a bit better. Sometimes though it is just nice to document an […]

  3. […] are a few of the photographs that I took during the show. Thank goodness for my D3 so that I could boost the ISO up to compensate for the bad lighting. All round a good show. […]

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