I just got back from a photo shoot that I did with the guys from the band Bloodline Ltd and I am super happy with the results. The photographs are being used for their upcoming album which will be hitting stores soon so I don’t want to put any of the pics up until the album and the marketing is out but I really like this shot of Pepi (the drummer) a lot so I am posting this one until then. Bloodline Ltd is hardcore and the album is going to be amazing. I cannot wait.Pepi is the drummer from Bloodline Ltd which is an amazing South African Hardcore band photographed by Marcus Maschwitz

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  1. Jude
    Jude says:

    Awesome pic!

    Dude who are these guys? I checked their website but cant believe they are from JHB? Thats crazy, I mean the whole time I lived there it was like me and Bosman who liked hardcore. Where did these guys grow from?

    Speak soon my boy


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