Pimms Picnic Sunset Shoot

This blog is my longest running one and was a huge start to me actually shooting more in my spare time trying to make sure that it stays a hobby and not just what I do for work. In a good way I am really busy shooting basically every day which is great because that is what I have worked really hard for over the years but in sad way I find myself shooting less and less just for the fun of it because I have so much to catch up on. In the last few weeks I have started changing this even though these have been my busiest times but it’s really got me excited again on starting a proper personal project even if they take a while to show off but I just want to shoot.

Anyway, to cut my long story short, this was one of those random spur of the moment shoots where friends joined us (my girl and I) for some summer Pimms which ended up in quite a lot of Pimms and a last minute “tapas style” picnic in the park near our house while the sun went down. It was such a great time and I decided that we shoot a quick bunch of portraits. These are a mix of one and two light setups and just messing around but the single light shots are my favourite.

No matter what form of art you are into whether it be photography, writing, design, illustration, music (and and and) just make sure that you keep the passion there but working on stuff just for you.

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