Roadtripping through Belgium

My misses and I spent a few days in Belgium this week and it was our first time there but definitely not our last. It was super cool and we had a really good time. My worst part about traveling is that I battle to shoot photographs because I hate shooting a photo of a spot just because we are there as most of the time that is when the light is absolutely terrible and there is normally a million tourist around just getting in the way. Haha. I sound so stupid moaning but it really is hard for me because I want to capture the places we see but I don’t want to just shoot happy snaps. It’s really hard for me but I did shoot quite a few on some 120 film which I will process soon but I thought I would post these few which I do actually like.

These were taken in Brussels and Bruges.







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  1. Byron Rode
    Byron Rode says:

    Architecture, is always something I try and shoot when I am out and about – love the mad angles on these photos though. Especially love the second to last one, with the weird DOF and focal point. Nice work – will be seeing you soon for some road tripping fun :)


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