Today is a proper saddest day. My friend Wayne passed away today after suffering in ICU for the passed 6 weeks. All this because some stupid idiots shot him while he was visiting our country, as if robbing him wasn’t enough.

I am so sad and am not sure how to deal with stuff like this. I normally just go back into my hard drives and look through photographs that are appropriate and in doing this, I found this photograph. It might not be one of my best but it means a lot. It is basically from the first set of photographs I ever shot of food. I shot this at a restaurant called Malachites which Wayne used to own and run. They were one of my very first clients when I started Melon Graphics 6 years ago and they trusted me to do some work for them. I love this shot just because I remember taking it with Wayne’s help and then eating it and thinking of how excited I was starting my new venture. That was long ago. Malachites was since sold and Wayne and Gary moved over to the UK about a year and a half ago and they have loved it. We hung out with them last year when we were over and we spoke to them about our plans to move over at the end of this year. They have made us so excited and helped us a lot already by motivating us to think of the bigger picture and Wayne joked about us coming to stay with them for our honeymoon later this year. I’m telling you this just to get it out and give the sense of what good people they are.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has been praying for and thinking of Wayne during this time. It really means a lot. I am sad to say goodbye to him but I know the suffering is now over. All my thoughts now focus on his partner Gary and all Wayne’s family and friends. So much love and strength not just now but with everything.

Wayne, you’re already missed …….
My friend Wayne passed away today and its a proper sad day.

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  1. Leigh
    Leigh says:

    Much love my friend…There is nothing I could say to make it betta…Just know that if you need to chat. I am here for ya..MWAH

  2. Uschi van Zweel
    Uschi van Zweel says:

    Marcus – I indeed feel your sorrow as Wayne was a friend of mine as well.
    This is a sad day for all of us who knew him, as he was the warmest friendliest person, a true friend. Why him? He would give anything to a person in need, so why? To Gary and the boys, how could I even start to express our feelings? Just know that we are there for you. Lots of love, Uschi

  3. Byron Rode
    Byron Rode says:

    Hey my friend,
    I’m so sorry to hear that, when I spoke to you yesterday it seemed like he may make it out. He is in a much happier place though and he isn’t suffering anymore.
    Thinking of you and praying for you all the time…
    Please tell Gary i send my condolences..


  4. Keli Jones
    Keli Jones says:

    hey mook, im so sorry about Wayne, please send our love to his family..what a horrible day for everyone :(
    so sorry again for him
    k xxxxxx

  5. Bevan Du Plessis
    Bevan Du Plessis says:

    Hello my boy, sorry to hear about Wayne! Things must be tough at the moment and you are upset at the way things happened. I know that you now really want to pack and head overseas. Be strong my boy and let everybody know what a super person Wayne was. Later XXX

  6. Deirdre
    Deirdre says:

    Hi Marcus,

    I’m as sad as you are, Wayne and I were friends for 32 years……..I’m still in shock cannot believe that such an extraordinary, loving, special person should go in such a violent way.

    I’m so thankful to have had his love and friendship for so many years and will always have a special place in my heart owned by Wayne.
    To the Brooklyn family and Gary and the boys………I’m so sorry for your loss, take great pride in the fact that Wayne was such an awesome human being and is remembered by everyone with love and a smile.

    Much love always Wayne,

    Your friend,

  7. Ian
    Ian says:

    Deepest sympathy – would Wayne have been in the Airforce (Waterkloof)around 1979 – if so remember him fondly but have not been in contact since then.

  8. Shannon Schmidt
    Shannon Schmidt says:

    Hey dude long time its been.

    Dude, I’m so sorry to hear about Wayne. I know you were there all you could be for him and I love and respect you for that. You’ve always been good to us all and you are one of the best guys I know.

    Dude, anything I can help with give me a shout.

    Jude 1:11
    Woe to them they have taken the way of a murderer and rushed for profit and in doing so destroyed themselves.

  9. Anja Pomeroy
    Anja Pomeroy says:

    I’m so honoured to have known Wayne. His support was inspirational. Heaven is now a more beautiful place. My thoughts, love and prayers are always with him and those that loved him.

    SO SAD!

  10. Ute
    Ute says:

    Dear Marcus

    I don’t know you but my doctor was the one who looked after Wayne during his ordeal. I went to see Wayne twice a day for the duration that he was in ICU and held his hand and stroked his hair and spoke to him, calming him, giving him courage and speaking to Gary as well. The friday before he passed away I still gave Gary my email address as Gary was going to New York and I promised to mail him every night on Wayne’s condition. Coming in on Monday and reading that he had passed away I still don’t know how I got to ICU and just stood there looking at the empty bed with tears streaming down my face. My doctor tried everything and all for Wayne and Wayne touched all of our hearts, everyone who met him, all the ICU staff, theatre staff,etc. May he rest in peace, it wasn’t his time to go but there was a higher calling. Marcus keep strong, and when you see Gary tomorrow please let him know that all of us are with him and all of you’s . Warmest regards Ute.

  11. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    It has been just over a week now since Wayne passed and I am still not sure how to deal with this. Tomorrow is Wayne’s Memorial Service and it is going to be the PROPER worst thing to actually say good bye. The service is tomorrow (18th March) at 2pm at Inanda Club (Mole Cottage).

    I have been reading the newspaper daily to see if there is anything about Wayne and the Classified section got me all into tears again. I am going to write out a bunch of the messages that were in on Friday just so you can keep seeing how aweful this is and that this tragedy really couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

    “Chunky, I didn’t for one minute think that you were not going to make it. You fought so bravely, the odds just seem to be against you. Our lives were so spiritually connected and now our dreams have been shattered. I miss you so much. I will love you forever. Gary”

    “Dear Uncle Wayne. From the moment I saw you hurt I believed you would be alright. My heart is shattered but I know that you will live on in the lessons of compassion that you taught us all. I will miss you and love you forever. Kyle”

    “Wayne, You have been part of our most special memories and we will cherish those forever. Gary, be strong and know that you were loved by one of the best. Lots of love Sonya, Trevor and Michael.”

    “Beautiful and generous person, shot senselessly by criminal scum, who are destroying our beautiful country.”

    “Taken so tragically. Our condolences to Gary and the Family. Gary, Leigh-Anne and Sebastien.”

  12. The Star
    The Star says:

    There was also an article in the Star today so please read it if you have the time and again think of Wayne. Even if you don’t know him, I assure you that he deserves the thoughts.

    Hundreds of people, many from overseas, will gather at the Inanda Club on Tuesday to pay tribute and last respects to one of Joburg’s top restaurateurs.

    Wayne Brooklyn, known for his involvement in the Front Page restaurant chain and Horatio’s in Melville, and who owned and ran Malachite’s near Dainfern, was shot in an armed robbery, and clung to life for five weeks.

    Brooklyn and his partner of 17 years, Gary Parkin, had returned to South Africa only recently, having left in 2006 for England. Brooklyn wanted to work in boutique hotels and fine-tune his skills in the hospitality world.

    They returned to Joburg for a holiday in April last year and were attacked at gunpoint in their Sandton home.

    Refusing to give in to pessimism, the couple returned to Joburg in January, planning to build a guesthouse in Hurlingham Manor.

    “Although apprehensive, Wayne still wanted to finish the project to build his boutique guesthouse in time for 2010. He had already invested a lot of time, energy and capital, and was ready to invest another R3-million and create jobs,” Parkin said.

    But their optimism was short-lived. On February 1 they were again attacked in their home – only this time the robbers fired shots.

    Brooklyn and Parkin – as well as the latter’s sons, Kyle and Wesley, and parents, George and Gladys, visiting from Zimbabwe at the time – were present during the attack.

    “We were enjoying a family get-together when two criminals with no bounds and no fears crept into Wayne’s property. They tried to shoot my son Kyle in the driveway – not even knowing if he had anything to steal.

    “And then they caught Wayne at the security gate, putting a gun to his head,” Parkin said, describing how the events unfolded.

    “Wayne said he would let them in if they promised not to shoot anyone. Once inside, they shot him.”

    The two robbers fled with three old cellphones, a 10-year-old Michel Herbelin watch and an iPod.

    Veronique Hoog, a close friend of the couple, said that as news of the shooting spread, it became apparent that there had been four similar cases in the same street and that the robbers continued to roam the area.

    “On March 4, by chance, I saw (the alleged gunman) walking down William Nicol Drive at 8.30am with his accomplice. I followed them, and called our armed-response company and the police, who arrested them,” Parkin said.

    “(The alleged gunman) wore the same shirt that he had on the night he shot Wayne. Even having handed the perpetrator into the hands of the police, I have an almost zero level of confidence that he will be successfully convicted.

    “As much as we try to follow up with the police or help them with suggestions, most of the time the response is ‘Call me in two weeks’ or ‘It is difficult to do that’,” said Parkin, who went so far as to trim Brooklyn’s nails after the attack and pass the clippings on to detectives in the hope that they might carry some kind of DNA evidence.

    “It’s with a broken heart that we grieve the loss of a fantastic person. Wayne did not deserve to be snatched from us in such a barbaric way in the prime of his life,” Parkin said.

    The two Malawian nationals arrested remain in custody.

    Investigating officer Inspector Metro Ntwala, who indicated that the police would oppose bail, said: “We are still awaiting fingerprints.”

  13. Lara E
    Lara E says:

    What a horrific story, it makes me absolutely sick and very worried to leave people I love behind in SA.

    Im so so sorry. What people seem to get away with on earth, is not unpunishable after death.

  14. Simon
    Simon says:

    Hey buddy, hope the day turned out ok in this sad time.. I agree though, doubt anything will happen. Even with the newspaper exposure, nothing will happen.. Welcome to the slow downward spiral we call South Africa..

    Stay strong skater boi!

  15. Ute
    Ute says:

    I took the newspaper article to work and gave a copy to ICU, accounts and literally one and all that were involved with Wayne in one way or the other, I even faxed some copies to Dr’s who had been involved. Marcus, rest assured he will NEVER be forgotten by any of us. Another patients son was there while Wayne was in ICU, Alex Bischoff, he arrived five minutes after he passed away and I think in a way was a great comfort to Gary during those first few tragic moments – Alex’s dad also passed away a couple of days before Wayne. Alex being a lay preacher spend many hours at Wayne’s bedside praying for him. Wayne changed all of our lives and will always hold a special place in all of our hearts. Keep loving him, all of you’s. Regards Ute.

  16. Derek Young
    Derek Young says:

    I used to work for wayne at Horatios and Malachites. I just cant believe it – no deaths have affected like wayne’s senseless killing. Thank you

  17. Beryl van Niekerk
    Beryl van Niekerk says:

    My family and I spent the Sunday before the shooting down the South Coast at Port Edward with Wayne, Gary, Gary’s parents, Gladys and George, and Gary’s son, Wesley.

    What a magic time we all had braaiing together at the chalet and having sundowners on the beach whilst watching Gary and Wesley fishing. We did not expect that when we finally send goodbye at the end of the evening, this would be our final goodbye to Wayne.

    Wayne was a wonderful, kind man, who shared a lot of plans with Gary for their future. Such a peace loving person, he did not deserve to die this way. We all had a lot of time for Wayne.

    Our deepest condolences to Gary, Wesley, Kyle and the Brooklyn family on the loss of Wayne. Sorry we were unable to be at Wayne’s memorial service yesterday but we remembered him in our own way in Durban.

    Wayne rest in peace, it was an honour to have known you.

  18. Sharon Young
    Sharon Young says:

    I was fortunate to know Wayne and am totally devasted by this awful tragedy. In the short time I knew Wayne I found him to be one of those special people that one meets in your life.

  19. Mark & Helen
    Mark & Helen says:

    We have been close friends of Gary & Wayne both in SA and more so since they moved here in the UK. They once organised a tour of the Cape wine region for us, which ground to a delicious halt at Seidelberg because we were having such a nice time we couldn’t move!

    Chance would have it that Gary ended up working with Helen, and Wayne and I always shared some common interests and had great fun, he was instrumental in our getting our lovely dog, helped me make breakfast whilst coping with hangovers on more than one occasion, and was just great company.

    We lived through the whole trauma via telephone, e-mail and text and never really thought it possible he’d lose his fight. He was just too good a person to be taken in such a senseless way.

    One of Wayne’s plants grown from a seed in SA now resides in a warm place in a garden in England. We will always miss him.

  20. Nadine Sherriffs
    Nadine Sherriffs says:

    We have just heard about Wayne’s passing and would really like to get in contact with Gary. If anyone has his contact numbers could they please get him to call Melanie 0825609952 or Nadine 0832555575. The Sherriff’s family will truly miss this wonderful man.


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