Skating more … or trying to

I grew up skateboarding and in school we always used to wish for the days when we would have the most free time so we could skate everyday all day … that was a pretty unrealistic dream as with leaving school comes a lot of responsibilities and the need to work in order to get by … meaning much less skateboarding time … or ever free time in general.

Anyway, a few of my friends have moved over to London now and we’ve decided to try and skate every Saturday (where possible) and we’ve even met a bunch of other super nice guys to roll with. It’s been fun getting back into it again although I’m a lot more calculated now and definitely don’t think falling is as cool or funny as it used to be. Haha.

My friend Brendan (Monteiro) has joined us a few times to film and he shot some photos the last time round so I could teach him a bit about lighting. This is my favourite one he shot last time and although it’s not the greatest trick ever I do love having one of myself, because it was always me shooting.

I just took this photo of my iMac monitor using instagram.


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