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Sunset Construction

There is a photograph that I have been wanting to shoot for months now but every single time that I go to shoot it, there are a bunch of drunk trouble makers that really do not want me to be there so I end up leaving with no photo at all (one of the joys of living in South Africa). Yesterday I tried to go back and the same thing happened so I ended up driving to a construction site nearby to shoot some photographs of the sunset because it really was so beautiful and weird.

I have 4 sunsets left in South Africa before we make our move to the UK and I am really hoping that I will be able to get the shot before I leave so hold thumbs.

Other than that, I hope that all of you have had a good Christmas with your loved ones and that you are all getting some rest.

Chat soon, Marcus

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  1. Jorge
    Jorge says:

    Do your best to get your shot before leaving. Happy New Year and have a good journey! From a Southamerican Maschwitz to a Southafican Maschwitz.


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