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Beautiful Day

I worked on a shoot last week and the weather was just really beautiful. It was cold but the sky was clear and super blue. I love days like that. Thought I'd shoot a photo.
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Windy Drying

Another scene on our ride to the dam. I loved this and really wanted to shoot a bunch more photographs of it but I ALWAYS feel so bad shooting photographs of people in their daily routine because I don't want them to think that I am thinking…

Sunny Cake

I shot a few more photographs today with the good people from Indulge that they are going to be using to print big posters that will be displayed in their new store opening later this month.I shot this one for myself of the cake in the sun…

A Storm Was Brewing

Ok, I think I have blogged enough now so this will be my last post for today even though this has been fun. This is just a photograph I shot last night of a storm brewing during sunset from my house. Clouds are amazing.

Wilderness Sunset

The main reason we went down to the Garden Route was because I am working on a project for an amazing guesthouse that is in the progress of starting up in Wilderness called iKhaya. This day the sunset was incredible and I am only going to post…