Wilderness Sunset

The main reason we went down to the Garden Route was because I am working on a project for an amazing guesthouse that is in the progress of starting up in Wilderness called iKhaya. This day the sunset was incredible and I am only going to post this one photograph now until everything for this client is complete as I don’t want to give away too much just yet.

On a different note, I tested out my new Nikon D3 camera a bit on this trip and am quite amazed by the results. Still getting used to it but so far I am extremely happy but again poor for a while.
the sun setting in wilderness standing on a walkway to the beach photographed by marcus maschwitz

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  1. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Ag thanks guys. Marc, it isn’t the camera though, I am just that good. Haha.

    Lets shoot for sure. You the flippen lazy guy who keeps changing plans and stuff.

    Rude, come home now and lets road trip fool. Haha.

    Lekker dag, M


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