We saw a million cows eating in a field on the way to George and stopped to shoot photographs. I shot a whole bunch but want to go to bed so am only going to post this one for now. The sky was just clearing up from a crazy storm and the light peeping through the clouds was really so weird and like I had never seen before for that time of day (11am). I was able to get so close and the cows weren’t too nervous. I really like these shots and want to maybe print them as a set for something.
cows feeding in a field on the way to george on the garden route photographed by marcus maschwitz

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  1. Danita
    Danita says:

    Hey, glad to see you’re back in the swing of things and posting regularly. Colours are amazing on this pic. It looks like a painting.

  2. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Thanks so much Danita, glad you looking. This was the maddest scene I have shot in a long time. It was just perfect and the lighting was so weird. I have shot a whole bunch but will show them later when I have figured out how I want to display them. Hahaha

  3. Byron
    Byron says:

    Hey dude…
    SOO loving this shot right now…
    It’s so surreal, and the really love the colours and the way the cow is looking at you :)

    Was this with the D3?

  4. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Yeah it was. The D3 is my baby, best thing ever. It’s worth having no money in the bank. Haha.

    I have to show you the others man, sooooo rad. Will think of something soon and let you know when I have them up.



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