The Newly Weds

My fiance’s friends got married yesterday and we went to celebrate the day with them. It was a special wedding and I shot a photo just for our own memories. Congratulations to Georgia and Brad, we wish you the best for your future together.

Wedding photography by Marcus Maschwitz

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  1. Tamara
    Tamara says:


    man. once again. i love your imagery!!!! do you use flash? in low light scenarios? or do you just stop down? soon soon soon. i hope to be digital. nothing too intense. probably my friends D70 or D100. i’ll have to be more specific in which images i like your lighting.

    the question is ….who will shoot YOUR wedding? mmmmmm. do you like shooting weddings. man. i do. i like capturing the magic of the moment. i dont like the whole posed family moments. but i do like the magic. very much.

    it was so much fun to hang out with lighting type and the tweedies and samsing in london. good times all around. maybe one day we will be on the same continent at the same time and get to run around and shoot like mad. that would be fun.

    anyhoo. be well mate. tamara


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