Welcome 2010 and First Interview

So we are already 7 days into the New Year and it’s already a busy and exciting one for me. I have already worked on some amazing projects and the response to my work of late has been incredible. I am hoping to really push myself this year and step it up a big notch so that I can continue and live up to the amazing year that was 2009. Before I say goodbye to last year completely, I posted a Top 10 Live Performances List on my Blog and it is just a personal look back at the incredible shows I got to work at last year and which ones were my favourites.

To start the year off I was interviewed by the really nice people at Entertainment Africa and it went live on their site this week so if you have the time please check it out and let me know what you think. They questioned me about some of the work I do and my general working days. I think it came out really nice. Click HERE to link to it.

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