Loving the Sunsets

Man o man, I am loving the sunsets lately. They are SO strong and so beautiful. This is from tonight. Love it love it. Apologies for shooting so many sunsets lately, hope I am not boring you.

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  1. Timmee
    Timmee says:

    ever consider posting some EXIF data with your shots? or, sending your shots to the web via Flickr?

    i’d totally understand if you’d rather not disclose your shot settings, but i’d also relish the opportunity to learn how you took a shot by inspecting your EXIF.

  2. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Hey man, I have no secrets just never used Flickr before. I shot this on iso 400 so that I can push the aperture all the way up to f22 and a speed of 1/60th. I did this purely to catch the rays of the clouds. Camera reading was showing that 1/25th was the correct exposure but I underexposed it slightly to make it quite dark.


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