WOW, I just realized that it has been a long time since I last updated this blog and that really isn’t normal for me at all. It’s not that I have been lazy but rather just super busy working on a million projects and trying to really focus on them and make sure that I push out new stuff that I am really proud of. I am hoping to get some time before the end of this week to make an update and upload some of the recent photographs that I have been taking but I thought I would just touch face and let you know that I feel really bad for neglecting my blog.

I have worked with some really amazing bands since the last update and last night I think I witnessed one of my most favourite live shows to date. I keep saying that but they just seem to be getting stronger and stronger. Music really is truly inspiring for me and I find it hard for me to engulf myself in each of the projects that I work on. I am also really excited for the upcoming bookings I have and am really going to push myself hard to make sure that I keep stepping it up as a music photographer. Thank you to all the artists who have believed in me so far and pushed me to do what I feel such passion for.

On a different note, I have been working really late in the nights (in between moving house) on some web development for myself (almost done) as well as for some good clients (should I rather say friends) and two of them have just gone live so check them out on and

Other than that, I hope you are all well. I brought my Yashica out the cupboard yesterday after being inspired to shoot a project with it (thanks Mike) and shot a self portrait while setting up lighting for my shoot. This is it. It’s supposed to be that dirty because I shot through the Yashica with my D3 so it captured everything. I think the idea has been named Through The Viewfinder and I just found the group on Flickr so check it out. Definitely a cool idea I would play with again.

marcus maschwitz self portrait

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  1. Kevin Mullins
    Kevin Mullins says:

    Cool post Marcus – absolutely nothing wrong in being busy (especially in these “times”). Your new websites are great too….I wanted to take some shots of Nick Lowe at Bristol the other day but they weren’t having any of it (great show though). One day I’ll get a chance at shooting some bands.


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