So, my site is still not completely finished which really is getting me down but that is how life goes some times and although I really want to update it with content and save my latest images for that, I have decided to post some personal experimental images that I have been shooting in my free time that isn’t part of the commissioned work that I do but definitely still as fun for me.

I have a lot that needs to be processed (physically and not digitally) and will post more as they come but for now here are 5 images that I shot with my Holga 35mm plastic lens camera that my wife bought me for this passed Christmas. It’s super cool looking and really has a fun feel to it but I really battle to shoot with something that doesn’t allow me to control exposure so instead I find myself using other means to get by this. These photos are mostly of the sky on a cloudy / rainy day about 2 weeks back and then a portrait of my good friends and wife that I shot in a tiny road off of Brick Lane.

holga 35mm portrait of 3 friends on brick lane in london

holga shot through a window

holga shot of powerlines at sunset

holga photograph of a cloudy misty road

holga powerline photograph

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