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Interview in Stencil Magazine

The super nice guys over at Stencil Magazine ran an interview with me about my work which is out in this months current issue.The magazine is free so check it out if you have the time HERE.Thanks guys.

Amelia is now a girl

On Saturday I got to spend time with my special friends (the Zanin's) and their beautiful little girl who really has moved on from a baby and now has the most personality since the day she was born. She's amazing and so cute and I love how much…

Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

Last night we got together for our annual pumpkin carving (rubbish talking and laughing) session. As always it was classic and I wish I had've filmed the whole night. These are the carvings we made.Happy Halloween everyone. Be safe.…

Dinner Club Distractions

Being a photographer and working full time shooting photos makes it hard some times to walk around without a camera because I always see stuff I want to shoot. This is a prime example of good friends coming over for dinner on the weekend and…

Super Special Park Friends

Today I spent an amazing day with a bunch of special friends in Hyde Park just relaxing and hanging out. Nothing nicer than having a picnic and speaking crap with people close to you. I waited all day to shoot portraits of us but it started…

London Family Portrait

I shot some self-timed fun portraits with some of our good friends about a week back and I thought I would put one of them up on here. This one is one of my favourites because we are all looking at the camera and not playing too much of the…
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Holga 35mm

So, my site is still not completely finished which really is getting me down but that is how life goes some times and although I really want to update it with content and save my latest images for that, I have decided to post some personal experimental…

Warren the BEST Guy

My friend Warren just mailed me from London to ask if I could send him some head shots so he can list with agencies to be an extra in movies. Haha, every photo I have of him is one where he is acting like a clown. I sent him this one that I…

Warren and Andrea

My good friends, Warren and Andrea, are relocating to London tomorrow for a while. It's super sad to say good bye to them but I know they are going to have the best time ever. I cannot wait to go over again and hang out with them in a place…