Warren the BEST Guy

My friend Warren just mailed me from London to ask if I could send him some head shots so he can list with agencies to be an extra in movies. Haha, every photo I have of him is one where he is acting like a clown. I sent him this one that I forgot about. Sure they would hire him with this. Haha. Sooooo good.

Portrait of Warren Zanin acting like a retarded super hero photographed by Marcus Maschwitz

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  1. Colette Keller
    Colette Keller says:

    Hey Marcus. Thanks for the info. I had a look at your webiste and your stuff is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! I love the fact that is so modern and not overdone or over photoshopped so it just all looks real!!

    I am just getting into it as a hobby so I got a Sony Alfa100, with two lenses, flash and tripods. (Much to my sisters disgust as she had the CANON but Im loving my sony) and Im teaching myself the basics of photoshop.

    I have tried photo college but the next course they can get me on is in April and well Im not the most patient of people. I guess I will have to just wait it out till then!

    Thanks for the info and keep up the gorgeous work, its stuff like yours that inspires me to want to learn more!



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