Two Months and Counting

I was driving with Rudi this afternoon and the sunset was really amazing. I was so upset because I never had my camera with me which is always the case when there is an amazing sunset or something worth taking a photo of. Rudi had his with him in the car so I convinced him to let me shoot a photo with it so that I could update my blog because I really want the updates on here to become a lot more consistant.

I promised that I would say that this picture was taken with a Canon Eos 30D with a Sigma 10-20mm lens. I was really interested to see how the Canon Raw images come out and how it is to work with them and I can honestly say that I like this a lot.

Anyway, that is my boring story for the day. A few of us are going to do some offroading tomorrow and I am hoping to shoot a bunch of photographs which I will post if I do.

Hope you are all well as always, Marcus

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  1. Timmee
    Timmee says:

    ever consider carrying a compact with you? i carry a canon g9 with my wallet everywhere i go. sure, the sensor is noisy in low light, but sometimes a little grain adds to the shot. better than losing out on an opportunity…

  2. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Haha, dude, I have been trying to get a G9 for a while now but then had a feeling that there would be something new from Canon in the pipes and really hate it when I buy something and then something new comes out soon after. As you know the new G10 has just come out and I will definitely be getting me one of these early next year. Shot with it before and loved the way it worked.

    Thanks for the heads up though.


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