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Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

Last night we got together for our annual pumpkin carving (rubbish talking and laughing) session. As always it was classic and I wish I had’ve filmed the whole night. These are the carvings we made.

Happy Halloween everyone. Be safe.

Pimms Picnic Sunset Shoot

This blog is my longest running one and was a huge start to me actually shooting more in my spare time trying to make sure that it stays a hobby and not just what I do for work. In a good way I am really busy shooting basically every day which is great because that is what I have worked really hard for over the years but in sad way I find myself shooting less and less just for the fun of it because I have so much to catch up on. In the last few weeks I have started changing this even though these have been my busiest times but it’s really got me excited again on starting a proper personal project even if they take a while to show off but I just want to shoot.

Anyway, to cut my long story short, this was one of those random spur of the moment shoots where friends joined us (my girl and I) for some summer Pimms which ended up in quite a lot of Pimms and a last minute “tapas style” picnic in the park near our house while the sun went down. It was such a great time and I decided that we shoot a quick bunch of portraits. These are a mix of one and two light setups and just messing around but the single light shots are my favourite.

No matter what form of art you are into whether it be photography, writing, design, illustration, music (and and and) just make sure that you keep the passion there but working on stuff just for you.

Super Special Park Friends

Today I spent an amazing day with a bunch of special friends in Hyde Park just relaxing and hanging out. Nothing nicer than having a picnic and speaking crap with people close to you. I waited all day to shoot portraits of us but it started getting dark near the end and as I set up it was basically too late and we got cut short with rain. The light changed so quick and I had to keep adjusting so these are very different in terms of lighting but I like them so much. Special friends making special memories.

Hope you are all well. Happy Bank Holiday weekend.

My Baby and Bloc Party

Earlier this month I was booked to shoot Bloc Party’s live show in Brighton and seeing as they are one of her favourite bands we decided to make a day of it. We rented a smart car (which ended up being a ton of fun on its own) and then drove down for a day in a place that we really love a lot. Later that afternoon we made our way to the venue for one of the best shows that I have worked at this year. It was a good time.

Below is a photo of my girl with our smart car in Devils Dyke and then 3 of my most liked images from the show.

I hope you are all well. Marcus





One Happy Year

Today, 13 September 2009, marks the one year (n)anniversary for my beautiful girl and I. It has been an incredible year and a LOT has gone on and it really has seemed to have flown by. Anyway, I know that this is probably really cheesy and I never do stuff like this but I wanted to shoot a photo of us so that we can have a memory of today. I shot this silhouette quick in our lounge and its quite cool.

Happy nanniversary my love. Here is to so many happy more. I love you. x


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Portrait of my Misses

I had a really cool shoot with the guys from a band called Wildcard this passed Friday and even though I was limping around like a fool (wakeboarding injury), it was really a good time. The guys are super cool and I have not seen a new (up and coming) band so dedicated as they are so early in their journey. It is really a pleasure to witness and I always feel proud and excited to be a part of something like this.

Anyway, the location was close to my wife’s work so I asked her to meet up with us after her day and she did. The last location we shot at was in this really cool tunnel and I thought it would be funny to dress my girl up in the bands (and my) clothes so I could photograph her being a fake band member. I really like this photo of her just while I was light testing so I had to put it up.

She’s my everything. Check out Wildcard if you have a chance but you will definitely be hearing more of them in the future.


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London Family Portrait

I shot some self-timed fun portraits with some of our good friends about a week back and I thought I would put one of them up on here. This one is one of my favourites because we are all looking at the camera and not playing too much of the fool like the rest of them.


Me and My Girl

This weekend I shot some happy snaps with some good friends and my girl and then we shot this self portrait of the two of us. I love that Anja is SO stressed out. She was holding onto my head so hard I thought it would rip off. It was a fun time.

More work related posts coming soon.

Have a good week until then. Marcus


My Girl and Her New Bike

I got my baby a new bicycle last week and we have been riding every day since she got it. It’s such a fun thing to do that I feel most people take for granted. Anyway, I shot a photo today on our ride. I love her.


Holga 35mm

So, my site is still not completely finished which really is getting me down but that is how life goes some times and although I really want to update it with content and save my latest images for that, I have decided to post some personal experimental images that I have been shooting in my free time that isn’t part of the commissioned work that I do but definitely still as fun for me.

I have a lot that needs to be processed (physically and not digitally) and will post more as they come but for now here are 5 images that I shot with my Holga 35mm plastic lens camera that my wife bought me for this passed Christmas. It’s super cool looking and really has a fun feel to it but I really battle to shoot with something that doesn’t allow me to control exposure so instead I find myself using other means to get by this. These photos are mostly of the sky on a cloudy / rainy day about 2 weeks back and then a portrait of my good friends and wife that I shot in a tiny road off of Brick Lane.

holga 35mm portrait of 3 friends on brick lane in london

holga shot through a window

holga shot of powerlines at sunset

holga photograph of a cloudy misty road

holga powerline photograph