Autumn Sunset Cycle

I was having one of those days where nothing involved with technology was working how it should and the delays and frustration were getting my really mad and I was ready to punch my poor Mactizzy screen (“sorry my baby”). I decided that if I carried on trying to make things work I would lose it so I shut down and went for a bike ride only to have a super relaxing time with much enjoyment and returning to everything working as it should.

It was sunset and I really love how everything looks at this time of year (Autumn). I know that a lot of people find it easy to moan that it gets cold but I love just enjoying what I can out of it and definitely think that this is my best time of the year. The colours around are SO rich and I had to stop many times to take it all in.

Anyway, I shot a few photos and these are them. They do very little justice of what the experience was like and I will be going back on that same route soon with my big camera to see if I can do a bit better. Sometimes though it is just nice to document an experience.







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