I shot a bunch of stuff for the guys at Criminal Damage the other day for them to use in some up and coming adverts and point of sale (POS) marketing material. It is pretty standard and pretty plain in a white studio with a few members from bands that they support so it’s really not like the normal stuff I shoot but I had a good time working with the guys (and girl). These are a few of the photographs from the shoot so you can get an idea of what they were looking for. There are currently a few different full page adverts running in several magazines including this months Front and Drapers so be on the lookout for them. I will do my best to upload some of the tearsheets shortly as soon as I get more of them.

Featured in the images below are Jake Robbins (Out Of Sight), Ben Husted (Out Of Sight), Natalie McQueen (Farewell City) and Alfie Scully (We Are The Ocean). All very cool bands worth checking out.

If you have the time, be sure to check out some of my band photography on www.marcusmaschwitz.co.uk or my photography portfolio on www.marcusmaschwitz.co.uk







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