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Crazy Sunset

As anyone who follows my work will know, I have a thing for sunsets and they sky and clouds. I nag my poor wife everyday to look at the sky and I can see her expression everytime. Today though, I felt like I should really make sure she looks…
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Lomo Livings

I have been shooting quite a few photographs with my lomo cameras to play around and really love the way that they come out. I had a bunch processed yesterday and thought that I should post these three of us driving because they are my favourite.…

Loving the Sunsets

Man o man, I am loving the sunsets lately. They are SO strong and so beautiful. This is from tonight. Love it love it. Apologies for shooting so many sunsets lately, hope I am not boring you.

Two Months and Counting

I was driving with Rudi this afternoon and the sunset was really amazing. I was so upset because I never had my camera with me which is always the case when there is an amazing sunset or something worth taking a photo of. Rudi had his with him…

Our Little Home

My new wife and I are moving to the UK at the end of this year and we had to find a place to live for the next two months. We made a super cool little home and are loving living there together. This is the sunset from yesterday.

The New Lundbergs

This passed weekend I flew down to Cape Town to shoot a wedding at the 12 Apostles Hotel. The wedding was really awesome and although the weather seemed super rubbish the whole day, we were lucky to be given a bit of sun just after the service…

Winter Sunset

There is just something about winter that I like. Ok, don't get me wrong, winter in Johannesburg has it's downers especially because it becomes so dry and brown and it looks kind of sad. I am talking about thing like how good it feels when you…
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African Bush Adventures

Ok, I have to admit that I have been slack and that these photographs should have been up ages ago. It's just been ridiculously busy here and I am trying to save for a wedding so please excuse me. Haha. I am still busy but just missing this…

Sunday Morning in Newtown

This passed Sunday Rudi and I went to Newtown to drink some coffee, eat some breakfast and just walk around and enjoy the streets of Joburg. It was super cool and such a rad day outside, felt good to leave the office.

Cold Skyline

Ok, this is the last photograph I am going to post from the weekend. During the shoot at Top Star yesterday, Alan and I decided to climb to the top of the Driving Screen which we did. It was SUPER dodgy and I cannot believe we are still alive…

The Light

I have already posted a photograph of this street light before and I think that photograph worked well, but when I was shooting there again on saturday, the sky was super cloudy but so boring and grey. I decided to try something different and…

Sunset Again

Yesterday was yet another amazing sunset while driving in traffic. I was behind buildings and it too me forever to pass a spot where I could actually see it properly and sadly it was a little too late to get the actual sun before it said goodnight…